Taking Care of Others; Taking Care of their Own

Organization Embraces Wellness in all Forms

It was only 3 months ago when the Community Violence Intervention Center came on as one of our first Partners but they are a shining example of an organization caring about the Wellness of their employees. They have a Beautification, Wellness & Green committee that is overseen by Jamie Bischoff who shared some of the activities and initiatives that have been put in place in the last few months.

  • A bike rack was purchased and will be placed outside their building in the spring.
  • They put on a flu clinic that was up in participants 85% over last year. The committee gave everyone hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes for their offices.
  • 2 water coolers have be purchased and placed throughout the building with water being delivered twice a month.
  • They regularly send healthy recipes out to their staff of over 60.
  • When the weather permits, they do walking meetings downtown. They have been taking photos on their walk to send to the other employees to promote how good getting some fresh air and out from behind their desk makes them feel.
  • Another employee sends out e-mail related to stress reduction and mental wellness including deep breathing exercises and positive thoughts.
  • They have “Happy at Work” posters hung on each floor.

They also did a recent staff retreat at Choice Fitness which included a morning stretch and yoga session to get them started followed by a healthy breakfast of fruit, bagels, and cream cheese and a mid-day workout of Crank & Row.

When asked about how they have gotten things going and the level of support they have to do so, Jamie’s says leadership has been very supportive and also gets in on sending out healthy ideas. It’s becoming a health culture here and even when other staff members see a good health tip, they share it with all. Jamie says “just giving your staff a voice” to share what they would like to see and what worked well and didn’t is a good place to start. Using Survey Monkey has been an easy way for them to get feedback on things they are doing.

For an organization playing such an important role of reducing violence and abuse in our community, we are thankful they are practicing good self-care at work.