Eating is one behavior that is greatly influenced by the workplace. Think breakroom donuts and birthday sheet cakes. Work is where many people spend the majority of their weekday waking hours. At least one meal is consumed at work, and snacks are often a means to relieve pressure and take breaks throughout the workday. Many times, food provided by the workplace is not highly nutritious or is high in fat or sugar. However, with some planning and support, your organization can transform the way you think about good food. Before long low fat yogurt, fresh fruit and colorful veggies can be the types of snacks employees and members will really celebrate.

Challenge your staff, volunteers and employees to re-think what kind of foods to serve at a meeting, potluck or catered event. Consider implementing a “no fast food” policy when bringing in lunches. Provide education for what makes a healthy brown bag lunch and invite local dietitians to talk about how to incorporated low-fat, low calorie, options into breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • Make healthy foods the norm, not the exception at workplace events.
  • Always offer water, coffee and tea to encourage consumption of low-calorie beverages.
  • Partner with local restaurants and grocery stores to offer healthy choices when you bring in lunch for a speaker or meeting.
  • Post nutrition information for foods and beverages in the break room or cafeteria
  • Revamp your vending machines by stocking snacks, like low-calorie granola bars, baked chips whole-grain pretzels or crackers and one-serving portion of nuts.
  • Make “healthy meetings” the norm.

Make the commitment to implement this policy in your organization.

Complete the Letter of Intent