Do you have a passion for the wellness of your congregation?

Feeding the spirit and feeding the body can go hand in hand.

There’s a special link between health and faith. And this connection provides a valuable way to reach people in one of the most important communities in their lives. One step to success is in forming a health ministry committee to provide resources and education for your members.

The group initially may be comprised of a pastor, members with a professional background in health or who have an interest in establishing a program. Your ministry may also enlist the help of other churches and local health agencies or providers.

Our goal is to transform our faith communities to make active living and healthy eating, the easy choice.

When we provide fellowship settings with healthy choices- nutritious foods and more physical movement- we create a better future for our kids, adults and families.

Other wellness activities could include:

  • Grow a garden for those that may not have their own space.
  • Take the President’s Challenge- encouraging families to be physically active for 5 days a week for 6 weeks.
  • Make community meals healthier! At congregation potlucks or meals, provide healthy options, including fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
  • Encourage families to make small, simple changes, to their daily lives. ex. Adding a side of fruit or veggies to every meal, drinking more water, family walks, etc
  • Community Cookbook- create a congregational cookbook that features healthy, locally grown, seasonal foods.
  • Start a motivational group to focus on changing food buying or eating habits.